EXPO 2020 Dubai


Official trailer of EXPO 2020 Dubai

The biggest EXPO in history

6 months
Participant countries
25 million
70% from abroad
438 hectares
Exhibition area

“Collaboration and partnership are the major driving force of modernity, lie at the core of progressive changes in the world. Expo 2020 Dubai will showcase what happens if new ideas and people connect”.
EXPO 2020 Organizing Committee

For 182 days, from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, EXPO 2020 participants will demonstrate innovations and technologies, share ideas, establish and develop cooperation – in accordance with the main theme of the exhibition “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

The official site for the EXPO 2020 exhibition center will be the new 438-hectare Dubai Trade Center, designed specifically for the exhibition. The architecture of the complex will combine innovative design and environmental friendliness.

EXPO 2020 will be the first global exhibition in the MENA & SA region (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia). Currently, more than 190 countries have confirmed their participation in EXPO 2020. The number of EXPO 2020 visitors is expected to reach 25 million, with about 70% coming from foreign countries. Heads of state, government delegations, major investors, heads of international companies, and representatives of the world's media will be accepted as guests of national pavilions. This is a platform that will bring together countries, business communities, international organizations and millions of visitors aimed at discussing global problems of the modern world and finding solutions to them.

Great attention at EXPO 2020 will be paid to the three subthemes that are of great importance for the world in which we live: “Opportunity”, “Sustainability”, “Mobility”. Each of the subthemes poses a challenge to humanity, offering a new perspective on how we can change our lives to ensure sustainable development and a better future.

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To answer the global questions of the contemporary world, 192 participating countries will try to reveal to 25 million visitors the subthemes that make up the three most important driving forces of our time:


Using the individual’s potential, we can jointly change the future.


By facilitating the smarter and more efficient movement of people, goods, and ideas, both physically and virtually, we save humanity's resources.


Every person facing the problem of population growth and diminishing natural resources can find a sustainable balance: by developing in harmony with the environment and respecting it, every person can guarantee sustainable development for future generations.