Bureau International des Expositions


The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) is an intergovernmental organization that is responsible for monitoring and regulating World Expos under the jurisdiction of the Convention Relating to International Exhibitions.

The following categories of EXPO exhibitions are held under the auspices of the BIE:

  1.  World Expos
    Formally known as “International Registered Exhibitions”. This type of exhibition is held every 5 years due to its high cost, mostly connected with the design and construction of large-scale and creatively different pavilions. Countries participating in such an exhibition compete for the title of the most memorable pavilion. At present, World Exhibitions are second to none among international events in terms of size, duration, and number of visitors. These are large-scale platforms that facilitate progress and serve as a communication bridge between governments, companies, international organizations, and citizens. The duration of World Exhibitions reaches 6 months. The next World Expo will be held in Dubai (UAE) from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.
  2.  Specialized Expos
    Formally known as “International Recognized Exhibitions”. Specialized Exhibitions are smaller in size, total cost and shorter in duration (up to 3 months) than World ones. Participants' costs are lower here, as they only need to rent a pre-built pavilion from the organizer. The next Specialized Exhibition will be held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) from January 15 to April 15, 2023.
  3.  Horticultural Expos
    Horticultural Exhibitions promote cooperation, exchange of knowledge and best practice between agricultural producers in different countries. They also contribute to addressing critical issues of healthy lifestyle, green economy, sustainable development, education and innovation. Horticultural Exhibitions are organized by the host country and last up to 6 months. The next Horticultural Expo will be held in Doha (Qatar) from October 14, 2021 to March 17, 2022.

The BIE was established in 1928. The organization is headquartered in Paris (France). The BIE includes 170 participating countries. Belarus is also a member of the BIE.

The BIE acts as an intermediary organization and coordinates the host country's actions at all stages, beginning with preparation and ending with on-site management, to ensure that exhibitions are held in accordance with the principles and objectives of the event.

The host country of the next EXPO is chosen by the BIE members. The struggle of applicant countries for hosting EXPO is similar to the struggle for the right to host the Olympic Games.


For more information, please visit the official website of the Bureau International des Expositions